Butterfly 1

by Mary Angers

Dimensions: 61"x30"x30"

Medium: Brushed Aluminum and Vinyl Wrap

Artist Bio: Mary C. Angers, multi-displinary artist, was  born  in  Manhattan  on  July  22, 1958. She  has  resided in  long  branch, New Jersey  for  the  past  20 years. Working in two and  three-dimensionalmedia as well as video, television, light and computer  generated  work, she has shown extensively in Manhattan, New Jersey, France, California, Florida and  other  states around  the  United  States, as  well as doing public artwork around the US, Canada, and abroad. She works in a variety of mediums, including laminated glass, metal-work, aluminum, metal and iron sculptures, paintings an frescoes, animated and computer generated video and film work, projections, and light work. Her themes are self-created,but inherent to the sites she works on. The themes of her work often relate to historical timescapes, biology and natural sciences, ecological rhythms and cycles of life.