Diving Board Temple

by Austin I. Collins
293 Ditto Landing Rd SE, Huntsville, AL 35803

*Sculpture owned by Arts Huntsville on long term exhibition at Ditto Landing

Artist Location: Notre Dame, IN

Medium: Steel

Artist Statement: For the past ten years I have been working on a series of sculptures entitled The Temple Series. This series of nearly 30 works is constructed of individual pieces of mild steel, which range in height from 5 to 30 feet. The Temple Series continuity is the product, largely, of a trip I made to Haiti some years ago. While in Haiti I encountered numerous works of art, which expressed the deep spiritual, cultural and political struggles Haitians have undergone over the course of the twentieth century. But these works also revealed how art can transcend the everyday, can lift one above the rawness or brutality of social strife, and can offer a space governed by a calmness that can, in turn, allow for the kind of reflection that leads to social awareness and social change. The culmination of this kind of viewing encounter was, for me, to step back into a world as a committed agent of change. My hope in the Temple Series work is to capture this same process of produced reflection, which can invoke in the viewer a sense of sacred space, of retreating, of reflection, and of the need to take active charge of his or her destiny. Artist Bio: Austin I. Collins, is a professor of sculpture in the Department of Art, Art History and Design at the University of Notre Dame. Collins Studied art at the University of California at Berkeley and received a MFA in sculpture from Claremont Graduate University. Collins’s area of practice includes public art, large outdoor sculpture, installation art and liturgical art. The theme of his creative work often deals with political and social issues. Collins has had over 130 exhibitions, including exhibitions at Northwestern University, University of Tennessee, University of Alabama, University of California and the University of Virginia. His work is in 40 private and public collections. He currently has work on view at: Lincolnwood, IL, Indiana University Purdue University, Indianapolis, IN, Western Michigan University, Kalammazoo, MI, University of Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IN, Oakton College, Des Plaines, IL, University of Toledo, Toledo, OH, Milwaukee Riverwalk District, Milwaukee, WI and Port Huron, MI, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC.