Prism Arc Half Circle

by Carl Billingsley
13555 Chaney Thompson Road, Huntsville, AL 35803

*Donated to Huntsville City Schools for permanent installation at Challenger Schools

Artist Location: Aiken, NC

Artist Statement: My current work is equally divided between large scale fabricated metal sculptures for public sites and smaller scale cast metal sculptures for more intimate spaces. All of my work is abstract, although the inspiration or reference might be the human form, architecture, landscape, pure geometry or the dynamic of color. I am deeply involved in making the work and use materials as directly as possible, allowing the inherent qualities of the materials and different processes of creating show in the final work. Metal casting, direct carving in stone, welding steel–all have a nature of action which must be respected. I work within the realm of the physical because I am fundamentally a maker of objects. The sculptures that result from this action usually have a certain ambiguity or contradiction of meaning and form. They often present an aspect of instability, as though they are “leaning over” perhaps about to fall even though they are extremely stable and safe. The use of color is also about the unexpected. When yellow is reflected on an intensely red surface it results in an orange cast, an appearance of a color which is not present as a painted surface. I am interested in providing experiences of discovery and surprise through sculptures. Artist Bio: Carl Billingsley has been making sculpture for more than 35 years. He has taught Sculpture in the North Carolina University system since 1986. Presently he is professor of Sculpture at East Carolina University in Greenville, NC. Carl began taking students to Eastern Europe in 1995 and has established professional affiliations with artists from Wales to Russia. He is frequently to be found at Pedvale Open Air Museum and Sculpture Park in Latvia. Billingsley works in a variety of media, from stone carving to Iron casting. He has work in permanent collections in the Americas, Europe and Asia and has participated in Sculpture Symposia in many countries. Billingsley has been part of every International Conference on Contemporary iron Casting since the first in 1991. He introduced iron casting to artists in Estonia, Latvia , Finland and built the first Cupola furnaces in these countries during the 90′s. Billingsley’s current preoccupation is the Lodestone Project.