Vessel Series 2 and 4

by Craig Wedderspoon
301 Sparkman Drive, Huntsville, AL 35805

Artist Location:
Northport, AL


Artist Statement:
I am in a constant search for exposure to perspectives and attitudes both within and around me, developing questions and deriving a variety of visual solutions with which to attempt to answer those questions. In each solution, there exists an introduction to the approaches and perspectives I utilize in the composition of a personal visual aesthetic. This personal aesthetic is the means by which I process visual stimuli on a daily basis. These visual stimuli ignite tangible curiosities and define my formal choices while I immerse in the process of making. Through material choice and the control and manipulation of form, density, pattern, surface, and velocity of line, I am able to offer visual commentary towards the content of each of my works. Sculpture itself is visual philosophy existing in the context of three dimensions, constantly issuing aesthetic challenges towards interpretation, perspective, analysis, and approach. In essence, however, it all comes down to the work. Without work, we are without questions.

Artist Bio:
Craig R. Wedderspoon began his work in the tangible manipulation and composition of space and three-dimensional thought in 1985 in Miami, Florida where he was trained as a glass and crystal carver. In 1988 Craig became the Vice-President of Architectural Art Glass, Inc. in Miami and specialized in large scale design, construction, and installation of carved glass systems. From 1990-1992 he was the owner and President of Cwozmar Creative Glass Design in Miami until it was destroyed in 1992 by Hurricane Andrew. Returning to school to study sculpture, he received his Bachelor of Fine Art in 1997 at Florida International University, and then went on to earn the degree of Master of Fine Art in 1999 at Virginia Commonwealth University. Craig joined the University of Alabama Department of Art and Art History in the fall of 1999 where he now serves as Associate Professor of Sculpture. As a sculptor, Craig specializes in metal and wood fabrication, and works in a variety of scales for both indoor and outdoor, permanent and temporary installations and exhibitions. His sculpture has been exhibited throughout the country and internationally in exhibits in China and Turkey. Along with multiple solo and group exhibitions, Craig has completed many permanent outdoor commissions for sculpture in Alabama, Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, and Ohio.

$35,000 (available for purchase)