by Michael Cottrell
301 Sparkman Drive, Huntsville, AL 35805

* Permanent UAH Sculpture Installation

Artist Location:
Jacksonville, FL

Dimensions (HxWxD):


Artist Statement:
I view my artwork as a type of personal evolution, each piece and concept leading to the next as I constantly learn and grow as an artist, and as a person. For several years my focus has been the exploration of abstracted versions of objects that I imagine to be “below the surface” of something. I have considered subject matter such as fossils, bones, microscopic organisms, crystalline structures, the core of the earth, or the “innerness” of something which lies just out of view waiting to be exposed. These things and the forms they inspire are segments of a whole entity which are taken out of context, fragments, or the over looked and unnoticed portions of something. They stand on their own as complete forms, but suggest integral relationships to other objects, which are not present. Some of this concept also includes what lies below the surface of a being in a more philosophical rather than physical sense. Emotions, personality, and inner beauty are examples of this. The visual impact of some of these pieces has been suggestive of antiquity, like a recently unearthed skeleton on display, or of slices of an object in cross-section.

Artist Bio:
Michael Cottrell is currently Professor of Sculpture at Florida State College at Jacksonville in Jacksonville Florida. He received his MFA in sculpture and ceramics from East Carolina University in 2003. Michael works in a variety of media including large scale steel fabrications, cast metals, natural materials installations, and fabric. Some of Michael’s most recent indoor pieces are interactive pieces constructed of nylon sailcloth, and inspired by kite forms and flight. Michael enjoys opportunities for innovative collaboration and has coordinated one of the largest collaborative sculpture projects ever attempted the “Imagillaboration” National Collaborative Sculpture Project, Michael’s work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally. Venues showing Michael’s work in 2010 include “Florida Outdoor Sculpture Competition” Winter Haven Florida, University of West Georgia Outdoor Sculpture, and the Charles Hook Memorial Sculpture Garden at Gallery 621 in Railroad Square, Tallahassee Florida.